Other Users

Other Users of the Staghound T17

other_usersIn the allied armies the majority of the Staghounds were employed by British, Australian, Canadian, Indian and New Zealand Forces. The Staghound 1 was used by armoured car reconnaissance regiments for short and long distance reconnaissance operations and also for special missions such as raids, securing attack features and getting information etc. They were also used for protection duties either to H.Q’s or convoys. The Staghound AA was used by armoured car regiment for AA defence and for same purposes in formation H.Q artillery regiments and convoys.

The Staghound came too late for its intended role in North Africa and the Middle East but in Europe there were now enough to satisfy all requirements. They were primarily used in Italy and Northern Europe.

After the war surplus Staghounds were released to several nations. In addition to NATO counties which were Canada, Belgium, Denmark and the Netherlands they went to Israel, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Rhodesia, South Africa, India, Australia and several Latin American countries such as Cuba, Honduras, Nicaragua and others. Some were kept operation by these military forces until the 1980’s. The Australian Forces used these vehicles until the 1970s’ and several Staghounds survive in that country. Additionally a number of Staghounds which had gone to Canada were noted to be very suitable for snow plough operations due to their hydromatic gearboxes or for mounting mobile cranes. For this operation, again, the hydromatic transmission proved ideal for positioning the vehicle accurately for lifts. The turret was normally removed and the turret ring fitted with a lifting arm with either a manual or electronic winch fitted. Some of these conversions were extremely professional and it is difficult to tell them as Staghounds from anything other than close examinations.

Many of the Australian Staghounds ended up as firing range targets and pieces can still be picked up today on most of the Australian ranges. In Canada the vehicles were either run until they were completely worn out or used until cheaper alternatives came along and then left to rot in the wilderness.

Italian Use

other_users1The Staghound was used by the Italian Military and the police. Above is a picture of an Italian Police Staghound in a rather racey red finish.