axlesChevrolet were not shy to apply new designs to the transfer cases and axles. The axles which were designed and produced for the Staghound were by the standards of the day, simply massive and are still large even by lorry standards today. They were however with the exception of the differentials and reduction gears which involved double herringbone reduction gears and quite massive castings, conventional but big.

The steering mechanism was designed and manufactured by Saginaw Steering Gear. This system was equally novel in that it was a hydraulically assisted, electrically motor driven conventional steering box. Again in construction it was massive but proved extremely reliable in service. The brakes were conventional by the standards of the day with all the standard components one would expect but possibly with the exception of two extremely large Bendix Hydrovacs to boost the braking effect. 14 tonnes of armoured vehicle travelling at 60 mph does need more than a little stopping.